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The 2005 Plastic Classic, The Year of the Flamingo.
By John H. Super – Plastic Classic Guru

The 21st Annual Plastic lived up to it’s reputation as a FUN Regatta. A race for aging fiberglass sailboats that was conceived as a way to help older fleets have a race just for them. New Rocket boats need not apply. To qualify boats must be designed more than 25 years ago.

Sponsored by the Bay View Boat Club and run in the SF South Bay between Pier 54 and Alameda, the Plastic Classic has a history of slightly zany behavior. For racing the wind was nice but variable from enough to a little too light. The current was not real bad. The sun was bright, the fleets were varied and the flamingos were everywhere. Pink flamingos, pinkish and black tie dyed t-shirts, a crowd of 250 +, sixty boats in 5 one design classes and the usual two phrf divisions, a Concours d’Elegance, Sea Bop Jazz in the afternoon, a killer BBQ of fillet mignon and chicken, and the Charlie Owens Band all were in top form for a day of great boat stuff.

There was a parking lot at the leeward mark that lead to a fair number of DNFs but by that time the Flying Dutchman, Rushin (Zhenya Kiruskin-Stepenoff of BVBC), had blown the doors off the rest of the crowd to earn the prize for “Fastest Overall”. All boats in the Plastic Classic sail the same course and they not only win fleet honors but the quickest gets the overall prize. With a RC Committee assigned handicap the FD sailed a great race in conditions that were perfect for a dinghy. Maybe next year the wind will howl and the FD will crash and burn OR maybe the rating will be cut to 90 instead of the assigned 140. Only time will tell.

The Concours was a great display of fiberglass boat eye candy. The winners were all almost too polished to look at in the bright sun. Selene, a Choy Lee Offshore 40 was the most elegant and the three judge committee assigned her the sobriquet of “Prettiest Overall”. Her owner, Stan Starkey, was also awarded the 2nd place medal for the Nicest Interior.

There was some after-race grousing about the true design date of the Express 27, but since there was no official protest the BVBC decided not to make a deal out of it. Does anyone know the true design date of the E-27? If so, please send the BVBC Race Committee an email at

Zany was the silly flamingo hats worn by many and of course the renowned Mark T. This year the icon of the PC, Mark T, was the vessel Striker. An anchored 27 foot steel 27 foot power boat, Striker had a crew of lovely ladies and not so lovely men who bared various parts of their anatomy when boats round the mark. They cheered the racers on and provided distraction for all concerned. One complaint was heard regarding this display. It came from a boat with a crew that was mostly lesbians. They were not “flashed” by the Mark T ladies and they felt that they were the victims of rampant sexism. I am sure that in the future the personnel “manning the mark” will be more PC. Zany also describes the trophy awards. Medals are awarded for racing and for the Concours in a manner similar to the Olympic Ceremony the difference being that at the Bay View the podium is a bunch beer cases. Medals were awarded to all winners. Names on the perpetual trophies for Fastest, Prettiest and Boat Owned Longest, keeper beer mugs and gift certificates from Annapolis Sailing Product were awarded to the big winners.

The boat owned longest award once again went to John Lincoln on Constellation, his Islander Bahama. The IBs and the Gladiators were the fleets that started the Plastic Classic and Johnny was one of those who was the most involved. Not only has he owned his IB since mid 1968, he is also the only boat to have attended every Plastic Classic. To round things out, Constellation was the last boat to finish at exactly 1730, which was the official time limit. He won the IB Fleet medal, again.

The crew from the Bay View Boat Club were all volunteer laborers who worked dawn to late to provide the party setting. Race Committee, cooks, ticket sellers and even the bar tenders put their hearts into it again. All the tips were donated to the Bay View Wharf Rat Fund for the Club’s junior activities. Thanks to all who helped.

It was a blast. Sea ya next year at the 22nd Annual Plastic Classic.